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Above the tranquil peak

Behind the foggy mountains and evergreen trees, Baguio City is also home to local arts. Discover the artistic diversity in their crafts, music, folk, murals, paintings, festivals, films, literary works, street arts, and many more.

Bristle Ridge

Pacdal Road, Baguio City

Move around Baguio City with ease when you stay in Bristle Ridge. The city offers local tours and delicacies for all ages— an experience you should not miss.


And after a day of sightseeing, relax in the comforts and serenity of Bristle Ridge.

Bristle Ridge_Bedroom_edited.jpg
Outlook Ridge Residences Deck.jpg

Outlook Ridge Residences

Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Treat your senses to a delightful experience in Outlook Ridge Residences. Sway to the slow and easygoing tune of Baguio City.


Relish the foggy view of the mountains while embracing the warmth from the fire pit at the mid-deck. Finally, fill your stomach with real goodness in the Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant.

Moncello Crest

Upcoming Leisure Destination

Discover the natural beauty and the tranquility of the Northern mountains.


Take a tour

Experience the allure of our cozy  VacationPass™ rooms through a captivating 360 tour.

Finishes and furniture in the unit may vary.

Forest Sunrays
Forest Sunrays

Places to visit

Experience. Indulge. Explore.

Immerse in the timeless beauty and culture of Baguio City. Go on a horseback ride or a swan boat ride. Visit cultural and artistic sites, and indulge yourself in Baguio-grown restaurants.

Explore Baguio City.

See for yourself why Baguio City is loved by many. Plan a getaway and book your stay in Bristle Ridge or Outlook Ridge Residences through DMCI Homes VacationPass™.

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