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Where to go next with my
DMCI Homes VacationPass™?

Reinvigorate your senses with a day tour in Laguna where you could relax in world-class hot springs, or spend a couple of nights in Baguio, Davao, and Boracay. Interested in water activities? Get your fix in our San Juan, Batangas leisure destination where you and your family could enjoy different water activities.

Whether you're looking for a laidback getaway, a family-friendly adventure, or a thrilling wanderlust, there is a DMCI Homes leisure property that fits your desire.

DMCI Homes_Baguio Mountain_edited.jpg

Baguio City


Parañaque City


Calamba, Laguna


Boracay, Aklan

Diving in the Reef

San Juan, Batangas

Philippine Eagle.jpg

Davao City

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