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On a stretch of warm sands

On land or in water, San Juan, Batangas always has something to offer. For one, it is the go-to place for beach lovers and divers for its proximity to Metro Manila. Mountain hikers also love the variety of trail challenges and impressive views from above.

The Villas at Solmera Coast

 Subukin and Calubcub II, San Juan, Batangas

With the sun above and sand below, summer never ends by the beach. Immerse yourself in this upcoming tropical Asian-inspired beach park condotel under the DMCI Homes Leisure Residences brand.

The Villas at Solmera Coast is currently in its development phase; some amenities and facilities may be limited as part of the larger ongoing development of Solmera Coast


Things to do in

The Villas at Solmera Coast

Discover a one-of-a-kind getaway at The Villas at Solmera Coast with DMCI Homes VacationPass™. Unwind and enjoy a variety of outdoor and water activities during your stay, including:

     • Basketball
     • Beach Movie Night*
     • Biking
     • Camping Tent
     • Frisbee
     • Kayaking
     • Paddle Boarding
     • Paraw Sailing
     • Stargazing (Telescope)
     • Swimming Pool
     • Trampoline (For kids only)
     • Use of Barbecue Pits
     • Use of Cabana
     • Volleyball

*Coming Soon

Places to visit

Experience. Indulge. Explore.

There are several adrenaline thrills that you can jump into. Feel the waves or dive into the deep sea. Reach the mountaintop and relish the rewarding view.

Explore San Juan, Batangas.

Set off for a coastal adventure in San Juan, Batangas. Use your VPoints to enjoy a by-the-beach tour or stay in Solmera Coast.

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