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Tucked in secluded shores

Locals and foreigners love Boracay, Aklan for its pristine white beach, mesmerizing sunset view, exciting water activities, and terrific nightlife. On the other side, Puka Beach is an exquisite paradise for those who desire a serene retreat to the turquoise waters and powdery sand.

Alta Vista de Boracay

Yapak, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

Alta Vista de Boracay's tropical expanse is nestled right on Puka Beach. Bask in the panoramic beach or swim in the refreshing pool with an island view.

After a day under the sun, it's time to savor the mouthwatering seafood delights or lie down for a soothing body massage.


Places to visit

Experience. Indulge. Explore.

Boracay Island will keep you in awe, day and night. Start your day with water-bound adventures and take in the views at the same time. Come alive as reggae music and endless drinks keep the spirit alive on the island.

Explore Boracay.

Walk on the world-class stretch of Boracay Island. Book your VacationPass™ stay in Alta Vista de Boracay for a pleasurable island getaway.

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