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The perks of investing in DMCI Homes

Are you looking for more than just a home? With DMCI Homes, your investment brings added perks! Enjoy the convenience of complimentary room nights (CRN) or easy access to different properties through our exciting promos and programs. Embrace convenience and comfort while securing your dream home investment.


Introducing VacationPass™ by DMCI Homes—a limited-time buyer incentive program designed to offer condo buyers exclusive access to participating properties across the Philippines.

With VacationPass™, you gain privileged entry to the finest selections of DMCI Homes' developments, ensuring your investment journey is as seamless as it is rewarding.


Leisure Plus

Discover Leisure Plus—a unique benefit tailored for investors in DMCI Homes' Leisure Residences condotels.


Enjoy annual complimentary room nights at Solmera Coast in Batangas, Moncello Crest in Benguet, and an exciting new leisure development in Laguna. Take your leisure experience to new heights with Leisure Plus.

VacationPass™ and Leisure Plus

Interested to learn more? Explore the distinctions between VacationPass and Leisure Plus to maximize your rewards and investment potential. Read on to discover the unique benefits of each program!


If you have inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to your trusted agent.

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