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Resort living within and beyond your home.

Lavish in comfort in the lush mountains or at the serene beachfront of DMCI Homes leisure properties across the country.


Enjoy this recreational access through DMCI Homes VacationPass™,
an exclusive program for buyers.

Endless possibilities with peak comfort await you.

From the gentle mountainside winds, down to the soft crashing waves of the beach, DMCI Homes VacationPass™ gives you access to an extensive array of leisure destinations.

VacationPass™ provides you the harmony of nature and relaxation.

Know more about the VacationPass™ VPoints.

Accumulate VPoints and convert them to an overnight stay or day tour in any of our many leisure residences. Experience the balance of indoor and outdoor living we have carefully crafted for a truly relaxing experience.

Invest with us

Earn VPoints

Redeem Rewards

Image by Paul Earle

What do people say about VacationPass™?

"It was a smooth transaction from the inquiry, booking the place up to the day of our staycation using the VacationPass™"

Stephanie Valencia
Allegra Garden Place Investor

Never miss a beat.

Be in the know and get the latest news and updates about VacationPass™.

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